Villa on slope
Client: private  / location: Warszawa / usable area: 350 m2
Architects: Ireneusz Asman, Paweł Pieniężny
In collaboration with: Daria Dybciak

Villa slope
It is a refurbishment and extension of an existing city villa located in a prestigious location in Warsaw, on the slope of the Old Town.
The house is situated on a slope facing the Vistula River. The existing house was extended, in a way that it would  open up to the surrounding space and the river.
The house unfolds into the garden and then onto the river. A the same time old outline of the building was preserved, new added elements,
did not obliterate the previous shape of the building - new terraces enlarged the building keeping the historical shape of the original house.
The new and historical part was combined by one material and the same colour, elegantly differentiated by a texture.